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What is Interim Maintenance? What are its benefits?

Let’s see here. You have your carpets deep cleaned every six months or so, you vacuum high-traffic areas every day, you remove stains and spills as soon as they appear and of course, you use walk-off mats to help reduce the dirt that gets onto your carpets.

So, what’s missing?

Well, it’s a new term that many carpet cleaners refer to as “interim maintenance”.

What Is Interim Maintenance?

Interim maintenance, to put it simply, is the cleaning that happens between your vacuuming and the time you hire cleaners to deep clean your carpets. It’s sort of like a stop gap between the two most important ways to maintain your carpets and this means it’s not as labor-extensive as deep cleaning.

You can also refer to interim maintenance as surface cleaning, since they’re pretty much the same. The only difference, though, is that if you add interim maintenance to your usual annual carpet cleaning cycle, you help prevent the build-up of too much soil in your carpets.

Since steam cleaning is pretty much the consensus deep cleaning method preferred by almost everyone, interim maintenance is usually done either through dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning.

Benefits of Interim Maintenance

·         It helps refresh your carpet’s look by removing much of the soil that can’t be removed just by vacuuming.

·         The constant removal of dirt prevents heavy dirt build-up, which in turn also adds years to the life of your carpets.

·         The use of low moisture carpet cleaning methods for interim maintenance helps minimize the damage to the carpet’s fibers presented by other “wetter” methods.

·         Interim maintenance is much cheaper compared to having your carpet steam cleaned twice or thrice a year.

·         Heavily stained areas of your carpets, while still will be there, will be far less noticeable because of the constant cleaning done through interim maintenance.

·         Since interim maintenance is less labor-extensive compared to deep cleaning, you can theoretically do it yourself.

Getting Better Results With Interim Maintenance

·         Don’t do it yourself. If you must, use certified products. This way, you won’t be doing more harm than good by using a product that may end up negatively affecting your carpets.

·         Always pre-vacuum. Obviously, this is to help remove some of the soil on top of your carpets. However, it can also help loosen the ones built-up deep, which will make cleaning it much easier.

·         To save time (and money), focus on high-traffic areas since they’re the ones most likely to take most of the damage and be the dirtiest.

·         Schedule interim cleaning once every three to four months. Try to include deep cleaning a few weeks or a month after your last schedule for interim maintenance for the year.

When you think about, interim maintenance makes sense since your carpets do take in a lot of dirt, dust, grime and other contaminants or pollutants, such as pollen, all year round.

By doing something that’s more effective than just vacuuming, but less labor-extensive (and less effective) than deep cleaning in between the two, your carpets are sure to fresh and clean for a very long time.